Radar.Social is a simple privacy preserving messaging / localization / socializing app. No need to connect to social networks to find your friends.
Tired of signing in? Download the free radar.social app on the App Store (iOS only for now sorry..) ! 1.1Mb app download for version 1.2.1 . Designed to work on last generation iPhones, iPods, and iPads with iOS 8.1+.

Quick start guide and info:
  • When a network hashtag is entered, you are not visible on the main network (no hashtag network).
  • At first start you will be asked to authorize localization, do so or the app will not know where you are (you'll have to change that under the 'Settings / Privacy / Location Services / radarsocial' of your device afterwards).
  • Your presence will be counted as an UFO, so once you're connected, you'll see at least 1.
  • No location update takes place when app is off, or logo blue.
  • Tapping the 'i' on the lower right corner brings a small help window up.

    radar.social activated networks map (updated yesterday)

    contact and support: info@radar.social


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